Our mission is to help athletes define unique training plans and monitor progress towards their goals. Our approach takes into consideration not only what the athlete wants to achieve, but also their level of experience and how much time they have available (or are willing to devote) to training. Throughout this process, we employ the following four (4) principles:

  1. Fuel Smarter, Play Harder. Along with maintaining a balanced diet, the nutrition you take before and during your training can have a profound impact on your performance. What you take immediately after training dictates how much benefit you reap.

  2. Always Know the ‘What’ and ‘Why’. Random training activities are often less effective training activities. Always know the specifics of what you’re doing, e.g. how intense and how long, as well as what purpose it serves in concert with the varied array of other activities in your training plan.

  3. Measure, Manipulate, Monitor. Fitness is a function of input vs. output, i.e. being able to perform better at any given level of exertion. Methodical athletes work with their coaches to measure what their bodies can do, manipulate training factors such as duration and intensity, and monitor how their bodies respond to these factors over time, adjusting as needed.

  4. Recovery is King. In and of itself, the act of training breaks your body down. It’s the act of planned recovery in response to training that allows your body to regenerate, resulting in improved performance. Inadequate recovery is also a one-way ticket to injury, something that is statistically a far greater risk to not accomplishing your goals than lack of fitness.

It’s time to begin a methodical, results oriented training approach. Are you ready to stop guessing and start planning your path to success?

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